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Location: Colonia, Uruguay
Owner: National Road Administration (DNV)
Builder: CIEMSA
Year: 2020

This bridge is located in the new bypass of the city of Carmelo, over the Las Vacas Stream. The bridge is skewed, has a length of 150 m, with six spans of 25 m each, and expansion joints only in the abutments.

The superstructure is made up of four longitudinal beams, which were precast and prestressed. The rest of the deck is made up of precast tiles supported on the longitudinal beams and filled on site. The total width of the deck with the addition of eaves for services is 10.86 m.

The infrastructure is made up of 5 interior piers with 1.50 m diameter column-piles and cross braces. The abutments are open with heads with two piles in each column.