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Location: Rocha, Uruguay
Owner: National Hydrography Administration (DNH)
Builder: SACEEM
Year: 2009

The port of La Paloma is located on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, offering nautical facilities for docking sports boats.

The project consisted of the demolition and reconstruction of a third of Pier 2, given the need to have a greater capacity for the structure to support vertical operating loads on the pier and horizontal berthing and mooring loads of larger vessels.

The works began by executing the new piles, working on the existing structure, using auxiliary metal platforms for load distribution. The existing structure was then demolished, including the removal of the existing piles.

Next, the slope protection was built, for the existing dredging depth.

In the last stage, the precast elements were assembled (transverse and longitudinal beams on the sea side and tiles), to then carry out the filling on site and finally the placement of fenders.