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Location: Río Negro, Uruguay
Builder: SACEEM
Year: 2004

The M’Bopicua port is located on the Uruguay River, north of the city of Fray Bentos. It is a general cargo river port, for which CYD Ingenieros carried out the structural and detailed engineering.

The docking front of the dock has a reinforced concrete superstructure of the box girder type with intermediate diaphragms, supported on cells and their granular filling. The elastic fenders and mooring cleats are located in this superstructure.

The first 50 m of the dock correspond to the loading area, which must withstand the stresses produced by the operation of cranes and port equipment. For this, this surface was designed with post-tensioned paving slabs, 0.25 m thick, as well as the perimeter streets, whose total surface is more than 15,000 m2.