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Location: Minga Guazú, Paraguay
Owner: Ministry of Public Works and Communications of Paraguay
Builder: SACEEM
Year: 2017

This bridge, located on the road that connects Hernandarias with Minga Guazú in eastern Paraguay, was created to improve local infrastructure due to the strong industrial economic development of the area. It is a straight, 150 m long structure over the Acaray River.

The superstructure is composed of seven longitudinal beams, placed 2.37 m apart from each other, which were precast and prestressed. The remainder of the deck is made up of precast tiles. The road width is 14.80 m and has two external sidewalks that are 1.00 m wide.

The infrastructure consists of two open abutments and four interior piers made up of column-piles of 1.50 m in diameter and cross braces. The piles are supported in the competent basalt by six micro-piles of 0.305 m in diameter each.