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Location: Tacuarembó, Uruguay
Owner: National Road Administration (DNV)
Builder: SACEEM
Year: 2021

This bridge is located in the new bypass of the city of Paso de los Toros, over the Río Negro River, near the UPM 2 plant. The bridge has a length of 550 m, with 22 spans of 25 m each.

The superstructure is made up of four longitudinal beams, which were precast and prestressed. The rest of the deck is made up of precast tiles supported on the longitudinal beams and filled on site. The width between feet of New Jersey barriers is 10.20 m, and has two external lateral spaces for placing services.

The infrastructure is made up of 21 piers. The 15 piers on the Montevideo side are made up of 1.20 m diameter column-piles and precast cross braces. The column-piles were executed with a jack-up system that allowed to lean on the rock roof to avoid lateral displacement during construction due to the current of water and wind. The remaining piers are made up of 0.90 m diameter columns and reinforced concrete footings. The abutments are open.