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Location: Artigas, Uruguay
Owner: National Road Administration (DNV)
Builder: SACEEM
Year: 2018

This set of five bridges is located along Route 30, in the stretch that goes from Artigas to Bella Unión.

The new beam-type bridges are the bridge over the Cuaró Stream (600 m long) and the bridge over the Tres Cruces Stream (170 m long). Both bridges are made up of a bipoutre-type solution (two post-tensioned longitudinal beams) with precast tiles and top-fill on site.

The new slab-type bridges are those of the La Comisaría Stream (80 m long) and La Bomba Stream (83 m long). Both bridges have precast joists, prestressed in the longitudinal direction, that provide the necessary lower and vertical reinforcement, as well as the formwork required for the subsequent filling of the upper surface.

Also, a reinforcement and widening of the existing slab bridge over the Pelado Stream (106 m long) was carried out.