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Location: several, Uruguay
Owner: SAMAN
Year: 1981 – Present Day

SAMAN (Sociedad Anónima Molinos Arroceros Nacionales) handles approximately 50% of the rice production in Uruguay.

CYD has participated in the structural project of its plants for reception, drying, storage and processing of grains, with works in: Montevideo, Tomás Gomensoro, Salto, Tacuarembó, Vergara, José Pedro Varela, Lascano and Río Branco.

We develop designs of the following typologies:

  • Foundations for silos and equipment.
  • Reception hoppers, with and without dump platforms.
  • Sheds-Silo with storage capacities of up to 32,000 tons.
  • Wells and metallic towers for elevators.
  • Sheds for mills, with metallic and reinforced concrete floors.
  • Tunnels for unloading Silos and Sheds-Silo.