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For more than 30 years CYD Ingenieros has participated in the structural project of plants for the reception, drying, storage and processing of grains. Some reference projects are:

  • Silos plant for Pérez Companc – Corrientes, Argentina.
  • Transportation structure and grain processing for Edible Oil – United Arab Emirates.
  • Silos and dryers for Molinos Río Branco – Cerro Largo, Uruguay.
  • Drying plant and expansion of reception and drying of rice for Carlin – Rocha, Uruguay.
  • Study of structural stability of bulk carrier sheds for Cooperativa Agropecuaria Limitada – Paysandú, Uruguay.
  • Silo shed for rice bran and storage plant for Arrozur – Treinta y Tres, Uruguay.
  • Silos plant for Olazabal-Volpe – Paysandú, Uruguay.
  • Silos plant for Greissing-Elizarzu – Colonia, Uruguay.
  • Silos plant for Agromotora Flores – Flores, Uruguay.
  • Silos and dryers’ plant for Los Tordos – Salto, Uruguay.
  • Silo-shed for Agrocereales – Melo, Uruguay.
  • Storage plant for Obrinel – Montevideo, Uruguay.