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Location: Tacuarembó, Uruguay
Owner: Dirección Nacional de Vialidad
Builder: SACEEM
Year: 2019

This bridge, located on Route 5, is a straight structure of 105 m in length. It is made up of eight spans, of 12.50 m at the ends and 13.56 m at the interior.

It consists of a slab-type bridge composed of precast joists, prestressed in the longitudinal direction, which provide the necessary lower and vertical reinforcement, as well as the formwork required for a subsequent filling of the upper surface. The slab has a total thickness of 0.45 m and 10 m wide.

The infrastructure is made up of 7 interior piers, which are monolithically joined to the deck, and are made up of 0.80 m diameter columns and mass concrete footings. The abutments are open also founded on mass concrete footings.