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Location: Salto, Uruguay
Owner: Comisión técnica mixta de Salto Grande
Builder: SACEEM
Year: 2005

The existing navigation channel, planned for the future operation of a lock at the Salto Grande dam, has a double system of static closure panels.

The projected auxiliary structure, consisting of a 29.50 m span metal beam, with electromechanical translation and lifting equipment with a load capacity of 60 tons, was designed to carry out the following operations:

  1. Elevation of the new panels to be installed in the second closure.
  2. Longitudinal transport of the hanging panels, over the channel to the position.
  3. Controlled descent of the panels to their final position at the second closure.
  4. Elevation of the existing panels of the first closure.
  5. Longitudinal transfer of said panels over the channel, to the discharge position for maintenance.
  6. Cross discharge of the first closure panels, on the platform on which maintenance operations are carried out.